Cameron Stockman

B. Econ. (McGill University) – Director of Operations, Business Development of CEC Mining Systems Corp. & Canada Export Centre Corp. (Canada)

A seasoned International Trade, Export Development and Mining Industry Professional. Extensive international experience working with natural resources, specifically mining companies and conducting profitable capital and consulting projects in China, Korea, Mexico, Brasil, Chile, and the USA. Experience leading multi-disciplinary, and multi-lingual teams, in challenging jurisdictions.

Area of expertise is concentrate in the application of ceramic membrane filtration technology to tailings slurry solid-liquid separation applications. A strong proponent of tailings dewatering and alternative storage concepts, has been interviewed by the CBC, Kamloops Sun, Business in Vancouver and Ottawa citizen with respect to the merits of tailings filtration and innovation challenged in the industry. Established working relationships for co-funded research and development with the University of British Columbia, University of Victoria (Institute of Integrated Energy Systems, IESVic), and National Science & Environment Research Council of Canada (NSERC) for the further development of new membrane technologies and scale-up of filtration technologies for larger tonnage tailings projects.

A trained technologist, has completed over 150+ solid-liquid separation testwork campaigns on gold, copper-lead-zinc, iron ore, coal, phosphates etc. on all 5 continents.