We Are a Dedicated Team of Mining Industry Professionals

Mining is one of the most heavily regulated industries in history. These regulations influence every aspect of the lifecycle of a mining project. RMS is a partner you can trust to develop holistic solutions that reduce liabilities, keep costs down and minimize environmental impact.

We offer an experienced team of multi-disciplinary mining engineers, scientists, and technologists. They offer the vision and knowledge to provide specialist advice and tailor-made solutions. Our team offers decades of success in the mining industry, providing unique solutions to complex challenges.

Along with its team of professionals and global procurement capacity, RMS offers clients truly ingenious solutions at competitive rates.

Collaborative from beginning to end, RMS is designed to perfectly support your extraction needs.



With Experience Comes Knowledge. With Knowledge Comes Quality and Cost-Efficiencies

Our team understands mining projects from the ground-up. We understand how every aspect of a mining project requires careful consideration and analysis. Transportation, input costs, stope cycle time, through to the impact of moisture on transportability; RMS understands the interconnection of every project element. It is the granularity of our understanding that sets us apart from the competition and has allowed RMS to develop and lead the construction and commissioning of process and tailing plants in some of the world’s most difficult jurisdictions.

Inspired Engineering Design

As our clients know, engineering design is the foundation and key to successful execution, commissioning, and ultimate hand-over to the operations team.

RMS is deeply invested in producing excellent engineered solutions AND ensuring the proper execution of not only the technical and mechanical aspects of a projects, but also ensuring plant safety and environmental controls, operations and maintenance procedures and training of personnel.

RMS Mining Solutions

About Us

Our past and our future intersect

RMS Responsible Mining Solutions was originally formed as a business partnership between mineral processing, tailing and paste experts as well as experienced plant operators and consultants. These experts developed many of the original processing, dewatering, and paste/filtered tailings systems and processes still in use today.

Our approach to engineering design is guided by the holistic integration of the day-to-day requirements at the mine face while minimizing long-term tailings disposal liabilities for producers.

Based on this extensive experience with mineral processing, backfill, tailings, and paste, we have developed a deep appreciation for the importance of environmental considerations necessary for the sustainability of successful mining projects.

Our team is globally recognized for both our innovativeness as well as our practical solutions in underground mining, tailings management for thickened tails and paste, dry-stack disposal, and mine backfill. Our expertise was developed through decades of operations experience in North and South America, Europe, and Africa.

Our core team at RMS has worked on over 1,800 global tailings and backfill projects in the last 20 years, with key individuals having 40 years operations and design experience specifically in mining and paste backfill. The integration of both mining and waste is a path to improvements in shareholder value through increased productivity, safety, profitability, and environmental stewardship. We make this a reality.