Audits & Reviews are a Critical Component of a Mining Project's Success

Third-party audits and reviews are essential discovering omissions and optimisations, making them one of RMS Responsible Mining Services most valuable services.

Pre-feasibility and feasibility study audits and reviews are every bit the adage that an ‘ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure’.

With our team of operations specialists, process engineers and design experts, we bring decades of experience and a fresh set of eyes to our client’s feasibility studies, data reports, technical tests, and infrastructure.

RMS Responsible Mining Solution’s audits have, at times, resulted in the need to re-engineer project sections, which ultimately produced technically superior designs, more efficient solutions and most importantly, preventing costly errors.

Manage Project Risks Before They Appear

Our engineers have first-hand experience in commissioning complete process plants, paste backfill circuits as well as the underground distribution system, including stope barricades. One of the primary benefits of commissioning audits and reviews and on-site commissioning assistance, is the ability to apply experience from previous situations which often minimizes unknown risks and allows for the development of contingency plans to proactively manage risks before they emerge.

  • Brownfield Optimisations

    Brownfield optimisations are performed by site visits as well as offsite operational and design reviews. In some cases, the original backfill process from decades earlier, is not updated with existing tailings material properties, leading to production inefficiencies with significant OPEX increases. RMS Corp is positioned to re-run laboratory test work, optimise the process parameters and re-train staff to again achieve the strength and slump parameters required by the mining plan.

  • Brownfield Audits

    RMS Responsible Mining Solutions is equipped to conduct brownfield audits through on-site inspection services as well as remote site analysis.  Using either or both these approaches, RMS Corp. can get a comprehensive site overview by reviewing conditions, system components and performance.  Based on these analyses, we are then able to provide recommendations for system optimization or re-design as necessary.

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