Responsible tailings dam management is essential and support positive outcomes for all shareholders

Tailings dam failures are incalculable in their cost to the environment, human health and safety, infrastructure as well as to the mining company itself and its shareholders. Therefore, responsible tailings management is essential to minimizing and mitigating these risks.

Considering the incalculable cost of failure as well as finer tailings production, water shortage and other technical and economic drivers, the mining industry has significantly shifted towards the use of tailings de-watering and various thickening solutions and dry-stacking solutions.

RMS considers all stages of the tailings management facility life cycle, including its design, construction, operationsand maintenance. We provide a variety of services for our clients including feasibility studies, mine waste and water management plans, tailings deposition plans, and minclosure consulting services, all implemented to the highest quality and safetstandards. 

Optimizing the densification process of tailings reduces the need for storage capacity and overall tailings footprint which in turn, lowers environmental risks and decreases capital expenditures. Dry-stacking tailings additionally allows for progressive reclamation during mining processes which also provides cost and risk reductions.

Our process engineering services are fully supported by our Dewatering and Rheology laboratory which allows us to benchmark our work against similar projects.

  • Efficient and effective management of conventional and thickened tailings disposal is critical

    Considering the pressure from varying project constraints such as increasing environmental risks, water scarcity, permitting complexity, government regulations and community engagement challenges resulting from past failures.  Further compounding this challenging operational environment, is the overall increase in tailings production rates and total facility volumes as lower ore grades are extracted.

  • RMS provides an integrative approach to surface tailings management and thickened tailings disposal

    By finding opportunities for minimizing tailings footprints, densifying extracted materials, process water recovery, pumping solutions and planning for best use of existing infrastructure. RMS can significantly expand the lifespan of tailing storage facilities while decreasing geo-technical risks. With our experience, we can help our clients determine how and when to take advantage of tailings dewatering to maximize potential returns or assess the technical and economic viability of filter plants. Among our expert staff are hydraulic tails, pumping professionals, and geotechnical experts, ready to find the best solution for your mining needs.

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