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Suite 460, 688 W. Hastings St. Vancouver BC V6B 1P1

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Canadian Based. Global Reach.

  • Laboratory

    Burnaby, Canada

  • Engineering Design

    Sudbury, Canada

  • Drafting, Project Delivery

    Johannesburg, South Africa

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Testwork Capabilities

We believe that when you want something done right, you do it yourself. That's why we own and operate a 7,000 sq ft, full-suite Rheology and Testworks laboratory located in Burnaby, Canada.

RMS Laboratory

Suppliers Wanted

We find the best fit is with those firms who are adept at problem solving and are highly responsive to the requirements of our projects. If this sounds like your company, we'd like to hear from you.


About RMS Corp

What drives us? RMS Responsible Mining Systems is a partner you can trust to develop holistic solutions that reduce liabilities, keep costs down while minimizing environmental impact. Let's talk.

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