Unique Opportunities Create Unique Designs

Modular design and prefabrication have the benefit of reducing time and complexity in engineering projects. Each module can be designed and assembled according to project and site requirements.

Engineered, prefabricated and modular construction solutions, benefit our clients by:

  • Shortening installation and commissioning time
  • Reducing the need for crane activity and heavy lifts
  • Lowering the potential for Lost-Time-Injuries (LTI’s) and other Health & Safety concerns
  • Accelerating project timelines
  • Compacting and organized/staged lay-down areas

RMS has been reducing costs with engineered, modular solutions for mining operations around the globe. We are ready to assist our client to solve their most difficult mining challenges and provide improvements in safety, productivity, and efficiency.

  • Time, Cost & Safety Benefits

    The open-frame modular design offers unique advantages as the majority of construction is completed off-site, offering time, cost, and safety benefits.

  • Custom Configuration

    Open-frame design offers same horizontal and vertical work space as stick-built, with continuously improved designs to address maintenance and operational spatial requirements.

  • Save Time & Reduce Site, Labour and Equipment Costs

    The modular construction method makes possible ultra-short site construction periods, with general assembly within a week and internal connections completed within a month.

Modular Plant Erection Process

Our clients benefit from exclusive access to our proprietary Modular, Mobile Plant Design. Off-site construction offers time, cost and safety benefits. Modular design reduces site, labour and equipment costs. The modular construction method makes possible ultra-short site construction periods, Continuously improved designs address maintenance and operational spatial requirements.

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Stage 01

Structural containers laid on foundation pad with tankage and supporting infrastructure


Stage 02

MCC-electrical container, control room modules, stair-cases and lifting wells installed

Stage 03

Silos, binder storage, pumps, conveyors for
filter-cake transfer installed

Stage 04

Filter and ancillary devices


Stage 05

Filter operating platform, overhead gantry crane and roof installation

RMS Mining Solutions

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