Our team is built on the mindset to deliver excellence in everything we do.  Quality is ingrained in every aspect of our work culture.

RMS Mining Solutions


We are RESPONSIBLE and accountable to be best in class, with the MINING SOLUTIONS we present based on our specific client needs, our people, and services.  Our commitment to quality is achieved through:

  • Client experience

  • Acquiring top talent

  • Continuous education and training

  • Strategic and critical thinking

  • A structured and inclusive approach in our processes

  • Continuous improvement and innovation

  • Protecting our environment

Let Our Experience Work for You

With over 1,800 global tailings and backfill projects in the last 20 years, we offer experience. With more than 40 years in operations and design experience, we provide the results our clients want.

About Us

Testwork Capabilities

We believe that when you want something done right, you do it yourself. That's why we own and operate our own Rheology and Testworks laboratory located in Sudbury, Canada.

RMS Laboratory

Our Vision

The integration of both mining and waste is a path to improvements in shareholder value through increased productivity, safety, profitability, and environmental stewardship. We make it so.

About Us

Covid 19 Protocols

RMS has implemented COVID 19 Safety policies for all offices. We are committed to reducing the risk of infection and transmission of COVID 19 within the workplace.

Health & Safety